3rd Party Logistics (3PL)

3PL Solutions for Freight Transportation Logistics Needs
Designing & Optimizing Your Supply Chain Network with 3PL Logistics Management

We offer a diverse range of operational skills and experience necessary to meet and exceed our customers’ unique logistics and supply chain needs.  As a third party logistics (3PL) provider, our ultimate goal is to increase your efficiency, reduce your freight spend, help you deliver to your customers with fewer issues, and become a long-term business partner supporting you in the years ahead.


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Our Services

DTS Logistics offers a full menu of 3PL solutions

Transportation Logistics Management

  • Analysis of facility and distribution center locations
  • Optimize carrier choices for inbound and outbound service, including LTL and TL
  • Route review, planning, and design
  • Load planning

Multi-Temp Warehousing Logistics

  • Heat Temperature protected
  • Dry Product support
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Chill & Frozen

Control and Management of Inventory

  • Inventory replenishment through just-in-time shipping
  • Delivering goods direct-to-store (store door) just before promotions/demand hits so shelves can be immediately stocked
    • Order processing–arriving early in the week to support direct-to-store delivery at the end of the week
    • Coordinating with carriers and stores to make scheduled store-direct deliveries
  • Reduced cycle times and inventory levels within the supply chain
  • Reduced inventory-to-sales ratio
  • Decrease product obsolescence
  • Reduced inventory-to-sales ratio
  • Decrease product obsolescence

Value-Added Product Fulfillment Services

  • Product kitting and Assembly

Supply Chain Re-Engineering

  • Construct a business model of the company’s key business processes
  • Map key business processes to business strategies to determine which business processes need superior or improved performance
  • Integration of the customers and suppliers into the reengineering project
  • Integration of customer fulfillment needs through the optimization of product production and delivery
  • Building and sustaining momentum

Integrated Reverse Logistics

  • Integrating the Inbound return of products for restocking, repair, disposition or recycling
  • Greater visibility, speed, and value recovery for returned products

3PL Benefits

Improved Customer Service

  • From DTS: You have one point of contact—one team dedicated to you and focused on your specific needs
  • From you: See increased satisfaction from your clients and customers

Flexible, Proactive and Scalable Solutions

  • Multiple solutions can be developed for multiple situations
  • Custom solutions tailored to your specific capacity and service needs

Increased Ability to Compete in the Marketplace

  • We offer shippers a large portfolio of services, providing a variety of shipping options, especially to shippers who typically use one mode of transportation and occasionally need a different method.
  • Reduced freight costs and fewer transportation miles
  • Reduced inventory investments
  • Increased profitability and processing speeds
  • Improved control throughout a product’s lifecycle