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Our clients need to move resources, equipment, and supplies from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Our non-asset-based domestic freight carrier partnerships enable broad geographic reach and exceptional depth of service offerings.


Sensitive cargo often needs to be temperature controlled to maintain quality and safety. We partner with the most experienced reefer LTL carriers in the trucking industry to ensure your goods arrive on time and on temp.

Frozen vegetables. Carrots, brussel sprouts, brocolli.


A difference of a couple of degrees can lose a load. Your raw materials or finished products are in good hands with DTS Logistics. You can rely on us to partner with only the best frozen LTL carriers, and to monitor your freight to ensure quality.

Delivery driver stepping down from the cab, wearing a mask and gloves for COVID-19.


Final delivery can add significantly to the total cost of a shipment. We team with carriers who have last-mile capacity to get your shipment from the transportation hub to the final destination as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible.

A series of semi trucks with trailers backed up to a warehouse loading dock.


Our transportation network features inbound and outbound trucks moving to every 3-digit zip code in the lower 48 states on at least a weekly basis. We can secure dedicated less-than or full truckload routes to guarantee availability.

A forklift parked on a warehouse loading dock.


Using first-mile delivery to gather and re-consolidate loads from a geographic region, pool consolidation is a hugely powerful outgrowth of modern logistics management. Shipments are moved far faster, cleaner, and more cost-effectively than traditional LTL.

A deliveryman hand-delivering a package while wearing gloves and a mask to protect from coronavirus.


For smaller businesses and obscure locations, docking is a logistics concern. What if there’s no forklift and no deck-height loading dock? We will arrange pick-up or delivery service to account for the unique challenges of the location.

A full semi trailer with a liftgate pulling up behind a grocery store.


Our logistics experts can draw from the equipment and expertise of a diverse pool of industry partners to tailor a logistics solution to meet your exact needs. DTS Logistics can plan and manage your transportation logistics from door to door, so there are no surprises.

A semi trailer open at the loading dock, showing wrapped pallets of cargo inside.


Avoid paying for storage space, reduce storage time, and cut back on handling charges by utilizing cross-dock services. Keep freight moving by breaking down and re-combining loads, and save on the operating and labor costs of traditional warehousing.

Inside a busy warehouse, showing full pallet racks.


Strategic application of warehouse space for storing goods can yield significant cost savings. Whether your goods require dry ambient or temp-control refrigerated or frozen storage, we will make sure you find space where and when you need it.


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